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Congratulations, you've been tapped by me to help one of my favorite chara gain a few more votes in Saimoe 2008! .... What is saimoe? it is just a sudden death elimination of the most Moe (fondness endearing I guess would be the best way to describe it) chara from the 2007-2008 anime season.


It will only take a few moments of your time now, and a few more about 2 hours from now...

NOTE: If your browser does not have japanese support (ie @ doesn't look somewhat like @ and ロ doesnt look like a square box), this might be a bit difficult. It can still be done, just not as fun. It is okay if you don't know how to READ Japanse.. I promise it will be okay.

NOTE: If your using COMCAST or ROAD RUNNER as your ISP (internet service provider), stop right now. Comcast is banned from using 2ch... sadly. Instead, please spread the word!

Step 1

Right click, and OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW the following link..

It should look like

(without the arrows and things) If it looks drastically different... screen shoot it and let me know.. I'll let you know what the issue is.

You can either leave the window open, or close it. I tend to leave mine open.

In case you care it says (basically)

Code Issuing Location for 2008 Anime Saimoe Tournement Version 2008.09.24

Codes are issued starting at 23:31 (11:31) the day before through 23:03. Codes are good for 1 day.
From 23:04 - 23:30 you can get a list of all codes issued for that day.
Your proxy is checked. Information about your ISP is recorded.
This server's time is currently X:XX.
Code issued is only good for the xx-th Day.

Please not that the code may be missed if you hit F5 repeatedly before server can respond.

Your code issuing is now reserved.
Your code will be issued when you access again after X:XX.

Step 2

Wait 2 hours.

Okay, it actually is less than 2 hours, but if you want minimal interaction, wait two hours. To know exactly how long you have to wait, look at the window that popped up from the link above... the fourh bullet should look something like...


This tells you the current JST (Japan Standard Time) according to the server. In this example it is 8:53 JST. (THey use 24 hour clock) Then look towards the bottom. It should look like


In this example you can see that the code will be ready at 9:55 JST, or 1 hour 2 minutes. See the arrows in the above example.

Step 2a

If you like higher-pitched, cute voices and want to know about this "hanyuu" person (or are just THAT bored) go to the Hanyuu Support Page. This is, of course, completely optional.

Step 3

Okay, so it has been about 2 hours... okay... if you didn't close the window that popped up in step 1, then just refresh the window (only once, or your code will be gone) ... if not, right-click open in a new window the link from step 1. It should now look like:

the highlights and arrow will not be there... but that highlights the really important part... your voting code. If you didn't get one of these, let me know, preferably with a screen capture, so I can see what error happened.

NOTE: BE VERY PATIENT WITH IT... if you refresh and it takes awhile, just wait... otherwise you may never get your code. And then Hanyuu will not be able to help Rika break free of this endless cycle.

Step 4

Now, right click, and open in a new window [this link]. This is the search function for the bulletin board that the voting is conducted in. Yes, it's all Japanese, but I promise it's not really that scary. It should look something like this...

As you can tell, it basically shoud look like google or other search engine's results. Main things to key into are "Round###" and the "(####)". If there is a (1001), that means the thread is full (no more posts allowed). Basically you want to pick what ever the highest round number there is, that isn't full. So in this case "Round127". Pretty much this is going to be the first, or near the first entry in the search list. click on that round.

Step 5

When you click on it, it will open that thread to the latest 1 to 99 posts. If you're really lucky you'll get to see some AA ... here is an example of what posts look like....

In which you can see posts 610, 611, and 612 ... posts 610 and 612 are votes, 611 is ... well.. for now I'll call it support of a favorite chara...

All that aside.. scroll down to the very bottom and you'll see something that looks like ...

((if your really industrious remember approximately what post is at the bottom (and what thread). not a requirement at all though ))

Step 6

名前 means name, and email of course is email, but STOP, DO NOT FILL THESE TWO BOXES OUT.. you want to be an "清き一票@名無しさん" ... aka, an anonymous poster... JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE ... if you do put an email address here, expect mounds and mounds of japanese spam mail.. it's fun.. for awhile...

Now in the big box, copy the vote code from the other window (that was that "something" thing ... I recommend highlighting it in that window, right click, copy.. then right click, PASTE in this box ... because UPPER/lower does matter.

hit enter to go to a second line...



right click, copy... and put that in the box as well....

So you should have something that looks like ...

(Only with YOUR code) and click the submit button just to the left of the name prompt.

Step 7

A screen should come up that looks like

(It might not look exactly like this, it might have more stuff at the bottom, but generally it will look similar to this)

or something similar to it... that basically lets you know that its an anonymous board, and that your IP is converted into an ID code ... which changes every few hours... and emails are bad.. etc... there should be a submit button... and click it.

Step 8

If all goes well you will see this...

If things don't go well, you'll see "ERROR" ... and most likely it is because your using comcast. Or maybe if the thread was pretty close to 1000 posts.... then it might tell you that your thread is closed.. sadly that is hard to get a screen capture of.. been there a few times.. especally as things get heated... but it is fairly obvious (there will be mention of 1000 posts... simply go back to the 2ch search step, and find the next "Round" and post there.

If your lost, screen shoot it and let me see... I probably can help.

Step 9

All done.. don't you feel better already? You probably just had your first enteraction on a completely Japanes website! Yea!

Optional 10

IF you want to check your post... basically either use the search tool and find the thread again .. or use the pull down near the back-button and go back to the "ROUND" one.. then refresh... it should be at the bottom.. unless it was the turn of a 100 posts... if that is a case... you can edit the url... for example

might be the current URL, but your post was after the 800 .. just edit the URL to

And it will display all posts from 701 to the end... if you want to see the whole thread, just change it to

Simple as that..

NOTE: YOUR THREAD NUMBER WILL BE DIFFERENT... 1222177113 is "Round131" which will surely be done by the time you see this.

Feel free to let me know what thread and what post your vote is.