Triangle Heart

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Series Progression:

My first impression is they introduce way too many charectors in the first 30 minutes for a 4 episode anime. Obviously some are not really important, but they got the whole subtitled name treatment just the same. Anyhow.. Basic plot is a mysterious organization keeps sending intimidating letters to Fiasse Christella, the principal of British Christella Music Academy. The purpose is to find the whereabouts of Fiasse's inheritance. She apparently had a fairly big steelment, but that they have already splitup an dgiven away. Although Fiasse already has a bodyguard, Ellis McGaren, she asked her childhood friends, the brother and sister Takamachi Kyoya and Miyuki to help Ellis. This of course is received by Ellis, as a professional bodyguard, with a cold shoulder.

Basically its a guns vs samurai kind of thing. I wonder if there is a real love story in there.

Probably the reason this didnt go over well with the masses.. but it has its moments.