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This is going to house various items I want to work on, and maybe suggestions as well?

Hash Table Conversion

  •  !MOE needs to make sure the receipiant is there
  • need to correct LFRIEND
  • need to work on poll

away from home thoughts

<+mura> scramble, escort <+mura> patrol <+mura> engage

  • database cleanup for aliases ... by going back to master on all aliasa ($nickhandle(1,2).change)
  • maybe? ... tokyotosho's isnt formatted nicely.
  • correct file locking issues in actions
  • on ACTION and on TEXT master rework for future capability

  • (on part) need to set a state so she won't wimper if I have said bye to her before leaving
  • [long term] work on making the poll more usable beyond just yes no polls... after what I've leanred just in the last week.. should be a peice of cheesecake
  • increase actions from 4 to 6 at least... for now.. until new adaptive system can be written

General Thoughts and Goals

Move Away form ! as much as possible

While she IS a bot, after-all, where possible try to move away from ! commands, and make her more interactive... easier said than done.. but it is a long-term goal.

I still think her rudimentery functions (!SilvieHelp ) will still be that way.

Text Interaction

Just like the action actions are programmable, the text will be too, but I am trying to work out a few more bugs and what not in the actions.

How did you sleep?

That is actually almost implementable now.. but I want to consolidate the sleep function (like the users function) to make it more doo-able .. and so I can modify her sleep paramaters...

Randomized Items

I want her to be able to learn more items for some responses ... like "you can teach me" .. I want her to be able to learn more ways to respond to that type of event...

Search for Commands

This is going to be a two-step processes... and will delay the implementation of TEXT (vs action) ... right now the commands get stored compressed.. that is.. "sleep now" is in the ini as "sleepnow" ... which means "sl eepnow" "s leepnow" "sleepn ow" all have the same response... I have both thought of, and potentially discovered a way to make it store as "sleep_now" .. and bealbe to parse that back out to "sleep now" without a problem.. so thats got to be fixed first.. then searching for commands becomes possible.


This is kinda a corner stone to a lot of the various functionallity I want to put in her .. and will also allow her to "get bored" perhaps..

Known Bugs, not working on

if $network has spaces in it, it will ruin EVERYTHING... literally... really.. EVERYTHING .... sadly right now I haven't consolidated enough of the commands to properly fix it... but it isnt a problem for the major networks.