Shoudan Shiken 2006

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2006 Shoudan Shiken

March 5th, 2006

Photo Credit: Ron Udo

Friday Night Koshukai, Shodan, Nidan, Sandan

Will (Denton's Will) being Tanida-sensei's demo. He was often used this year.

And so it began, the Tsuigekito harra.. I mean pointers.. yea yea..

At some point Charles-san goes over to Joe-san, and tells him he can take the camera off of the tripod. I think, however, this wasn't a bad thing... it is like a cheap steady-cam mount... bet Joe-san's video is nice and smooth as he's walking about. Oh right, but I'm supposed to be looking at Tanida-sensei.. right... right. What can I say, its perfect from my point of view as a shodan.

There I go, blocking with my hands again... urgh. And it felt right.

Done with opponate #3, looking at opponate #4... here I come...

Naw, it's not painful as it looks.. really... really... I mean compared to doing at Selwyn anyhow...

Photo Credit: Beverly Price

Koshukai Break

Photo Credit: Beverly Price-

My personal shiken

OOO.. I got down right on the line, perfectly.

End of MAE, I believe.. don't really remember it all that well.

End of Ushiro, saya sucks

Kiroshi, not sure...

Took me a few minutes to figure this one out.. It's a horrible o-chiburi.. why is it horrible, look at my left hand... it should look like my hand below (where noted).

I'm looking in the right place, but dang my head being downward! I seem to have a lot of that this year. Hard to tell if my body is quite right here...

There it is... TSUIGEKITO! ... yes, I did it... on purpous.. after 4 comments on it over the weekend. Looks like my back foot didn't like the new hip thingie.

(This is the noted waza from above for the left hand... nice! I just hope the downward angle is an optical illusion

That looks about right...

Head is a little bit better here. I was the last to finish my waza... sadly though...

Photo Credit: Myself

She had a really dignified, beautiful pose, then she gets all cHISUU ish.. but it's cute still. I hope she liked her blue box.

Also while Tanida-sensei was down, he gave me my Seitokai Membership card.

[Unicode Transcription:] 第〇二四五二号 無雙直伝英信流居合兵法 正統会 会員[言登] 氏名WILLIAM HUCKABA

[ Hiragana:] たい ゼロ に よん ご に どう むそ じきでん えいしん りゅ い あい へい ほう せい とう かい かい いん けん しめい  WILLIAM HUCKABA

[Romaji:] tai* ZERO ni yon go ni dou muso jikiden eishin ryu i ai hei hou sei tou kai kai in ken* shimei WIRIAMU HAKABA

[Translation] Member Number: 02452 of the: Peerless, Direct Transmission, True-Faith Style Sword Warring Art Under the authority of: The Legitimate/Traditional Association ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP RECEPIT* Full Name: William Huckaba

SPECAIL NOTE: [言登] Is a kanji that has been dropped from normal usage. It is also not found in my unicode tables, thus why I had to represent it with the two kanji here (one for each of the 2 radicals). It's exact meaning I can not find, but based on the two radicals, I made a best guess. The left radical means "to say". The right radical means "scale, climb, ascend, mount, go up, register, note, to publish, to issue, to record". The reading ("ken") is my best guess, based using "card". I'm sure it is wrong.

Secondly, the number is written in 'Ordinal', which is not the typical kanji number system. In the traditional system, it would have been written "二千四百五十二号" which is said "ni sen yon hyaku go jyu ni dou", which literally translates into "2 thousands, 4 hundreds, 5 tens, 2nd member". The neat thing about that system is it skips any "0" digits. Downside, it is a lot to say. To my understanding, "tai" should not be read aloud when saying the number aloud in the ordinal system.