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Kagami is the Winner!


For those who do not know what that is... every year, in Japan, on the 2-CH bbs, there is a battle of the most MOE (mo-EH ... like moe .. then the letter A) anime charectors to grace the screens of Japan for the last year.... what is moe? you can look that one up... but anyhow...

<YouTube> title=SaiMoe Past movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=425 height=350 </YouTube>

SaiMoe Started in 2002... the video above shows the winners of 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. It was originally a very un-official poll conducted in the 2CH BBS... now it's very highly structured, btu is still run in the BBS... so it's very entertaining for someone like me, who grew up with ASCII art and things of that type... it's fun like:

Here is a copy of a run in the thread -- if you look closesly you'll notice it is actually a well coregraphed mass voting by a large group of people. That must be fun to organize.

The previous winners:

2002 Sakura Kinomoto (from Cardcaptor Sakura) // Runner up: Ayumu Kasuga (aka Osaka ... from Azumanga Daiou)

2003 Riku Harada (from D.N.Angel) // Runner Up: Motoko Hara (from Gunparade March)

2004 Rosemary Applefield // Runner Up: Nadja Applefield (both from Ashita no Nadja)

2005 Nanoha Takamachi (from Nanoha series) // Runner Up Souseiseki (from Rosen Maiden)

2006 Suiseiseki (from Rosen Maiden) // Runner Up: Fate Testarossa (from Nanoha series)

2007 Rika Furude (from Higurashi) // Runner Up: Sanzenin Nagi (frm Hayate the Combat Butler)

A Video Affair

<YouTube> title=What passes for a intro video movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=425 height=350 </YouTube>

<YouTube> title=The GOOD 8 Mad movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=425 height=350 </YouTube> high res

The above video features a page from the AnimeSuki thread, which has 2 posts of me... look at second 10 of the video.. sugoi desune?

<YouTube> title=Best 8 (first version I found) movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=425 height=350 </YouTube> high res

<YouTube> title=For the Love of HINA movie_url= embed_source_url= wrap=no width=425 height=350 </YouTube> high res

General Information, 2008 Saimoe

Just the bare bones here...

This appears to be the official way to find the current 2ch thread. It seems to have changed from last year.

Template HQ!

This is the official page (no english this time).

voting forum is there...

english forum is here...

anime art is here to use in codes! ...

AnimeSuki Linker .. what have I done?!?!?! animesuki template - repository.

This is the authentication system ... - my 2007 stats page - may 2008 stats in progress page.

Saimoe Errors that you may encounter

Saimoe Schedule

08/13 drawing for the main tournament 
08/14-08/17 break 
08/18-08/25 1st rounds, part 1(8 days) 
08/26 break 
08/27-09/07 1st rounds, part 2(12 days) 
09/08 break 
09/09-09/20 1st rounds, part 3(12 days) 
09/21 break 
09/22-09/29 2nd rounds, part 1(8 days) 
09/30 break 
10/01-10/08 2nd rounds, part 2(8 days) 
10/09 break 
10/10-10/17 3rd rounds(8 days) 
10/18 break 
10/19-10/22 block finals(4 days) 
10/23 drawing for the final rounds 
10/24 break 
10/25-10/28 quarter finals(4 days) 
10/29 break 
10/30-10/31 semi finals(2 days) 
11/01 break 
11/02 final 


Saimoe 2008 Final
What it SHOULD have been.
alternate match pic
alternate match pic

  • Commentary KAGAMI-SAMA Tsukasa
  • Results

  • 1位 1037票 柊かがみ@らき☆すた(Hiiragi Kagami@Lucky*Star)
  • 2位 976票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた(Hiiragi Tsukasa@Lucky*Star)

Round 6 - Semi Finals

Saimoe 2008 Round Six - From 4 to 2 (Semi Fianls).

Round 5

Saimoe 2008 Round Five - From 8 to 4 (QUARTER FINALS).

Round 4

Saimoe 2008 Round Four - From 16 to 8... all the lively action and horrible upsets.

Round 3

Saimoe 2008 Round Three - From 32 to 16... all the lively action and horrible upsets.

Round 2

Saimoe 2008 Round Two - See all the votes I made and who battled it out in Round 2.

Round 1

Saimoe 2008 Round One - See all the votes I made and who battled it out in Round 1