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The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
"Adventures of ASAHINA Mikuru"

Episode Chronology

AIRED as 01, Haruhi's 00, Chronologically 11

This episode chronologically fits between episode 10 and 12 as of this writing (after 13 episodes aired). This was the first episode released.

Episode Review

Quite honestly, when I first started this episode, and got the extremely cheesy introduction bit, and horrible opening music I thought it was a joke. Then seeing all of the “SUZUMIYA Haruhi” as this, that, and the other thing, I thought it was REALLY a joke. But since I was advised to watch it all the way through, I decided to give it a whirl.

Oddly the opening called itself the “Adventures of ASAHINA Mikuru”, but I thought maybe it was just some weird joke to go along with the rest of it.

So we first meet ASAHINA Mikuru (or well ASAHINA-san playing a character called ASAHINA). In a bunny suit, even though we are told that she is a combat waitress from the future. There is a very interesting narration beginning the episode that grabbed my attention when I first started watching it. I hadn’t noticed the other bits yet.

Then we are introduced to KOIZUMI Itsuki. General random tidbits are given out by the narrator.

Introduction of NAGATO Yuki! Evil, but cool. So I thought at the time..

Action! A fight scene!

It was at this point that I realized the amazing genius of what I was watching. When the really bad zoom into Asahina-san occurred, with all the jerkiness, it all became clear.

And then I stopped, and re-watched the first part of the video again to make sure I was right...

1:47 minutes - rough pan down, then zoom.
2:03 minutes - the background sounds that would be expected
2:51 minutes - random person driving through, typical of low budget film
2:59 minutes - inconsistence of background noise due to view change
3:07 minutes - the volume and sound is correct for a handheld camera as she moves..
4:03 minutes - the poor tracking in the walk and extra footstep sound
5:15 minutes - the blue out of the screen
5:26 minutes - focus
6:08 minutes - the zoom that made me go back and rewatch.

And back where I was. I was so sad at those (and a lot of other minor things) that should have been so obvious, but I was thinking it was just poor animation, but that’s actually completely inverse of reality. What was happening here is amazing ability to use very life-like anime characterizations to reproduce a video that appeared like something a high-school or college student might make. I had a lot more respect for the anime at that point.

So I continued watching it for the hilarity that had to come in-suit.

After watching further episodes, the way that Yuki can block the pellets coming toward her makes a lot more sense. Actually after watching the rest of the series thus far, a lot more of what happens there is shown here, but you don’t even notice it.

But still, Yuki attacking Asahina-san is still a to be explained, although I have a good idea at present, but still is quite funny.

The rest of this story is fairly silly to repeat here. Just watch it!

And then poof, as 21:30 reality hits like a ton of bricks. This was all just a story that the main characters made using themselves as the cast. Fun!

And then the first hearing of the amazingly too addictive closing sequence. I’ll capture it in the next aired episode review, since it is full screen there, instead of half-screen. I suppose the need because of the sheer amount of extra CG that had to go into making the first episode.

After seeing the weirdness of the short film, and the hooker of the end of that episode, I had to see the next episode, just to get a feel for what was really going on here. Little did I know how real the story was.

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