Master's Graduation and Party 2006

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Jump to: navigation, search Beginning of preperations for the party, Thursday before. The colection of JUNK to go. Almost everthing, including the yumi (Bow). The screen of death, pre-move. He didn't really care I moved the couch, which is odd for his hyperness. A whole group of weirdos, including 2 DSL employees... er well one is an ex- employee, but still. Most everyone there is INDH. So Friday night, the real deal (photo credit my dad). This is me about to shake Dr. Howard's hand on the way to the stage. She was my toxicology teacher, as well as the Dean's Marshall. Friday night (really saturday morning), removed my whole computer system. Yeah, it didn't fit inside my truck with the chairs there. Fairly full. Pre-party, post mat flip. Screen lighting system connected. Most of my preperations complete. My contribution, AME!!!!!!! Somehow just about everything was opened, and a number of things disappeared completely. I was amazed by the positive response. My martial arts supplies. Yep, live entertainment, the only way to go. My preps complete. My display table during the part (sadly people did touch it anyhow). (Photo dad). Most of the food... several cakes missing... hmm.. I wonder why I got so many cheesecakes... you would think it is my favorite type or something. :) ... still missing a few in this picture, as well as Tony's food offerings. Doflie meet up at my party... why not, eh? My senpai's Pinky army.. early in the night. Talking with Sensei, preparing to perform my embu. Tatehiza ... about..hmm.. felt like an eternity.. but probably 10 or 11 minutes into my embu. I was fairly rusty, with nearly a month without serious practice. The horrible floor did not help at all. My sensei showing me up. My senpai's Pinky army, 5 hours later... a little bit too much alcohol consumption by the pinky arm, I think. Apples to Apples.... What is fuzzy? ~4am, my apartment.

More photos can see seen here

I don't think it has quite sunk in that it is over... probably because I still have a bit more to do on my research before it's over. Sadly it appears that, once again, something that was looking forward to happening at the end of this year (for about 3 years, but more specifically the last 7 months) has slipped through my fingers for one reason or another. I was afraid that such would be the case with the way things work lately. So no, as of the moment, I have no idea what to expect for 2007. As far as further education, as DSL/Beckman has not yet paid for any of my education at the Masters level, which is there fairly easy level, I doubt they will pay for a PhD or DPH, as those are very specific about requiring more approvals than I can imagine. Unfortantly, UT has changed their DPH admissions requirements, so I would have to get a second masters (MPH) to even qualify, luckily it would not have to be a complete 36 hour masters, as far as I understand. As far as DSL, because they are part of a public company, they can’t even tell me potential possible new openings, because of FCC requirements. I can understand, but a bit frustrating. One way or another I’ll have to be making more money in 3 or so months, otherwise I will not be able to live at all when Loan payments start becoming due. (Yes I’m just barely scratching by month to month, and it didn’t help that I spent a total of $3202.52 on the party, graduation, and the project in the last 2 months (not to mention my regular living expenses).