Japan Festival 2006

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Japanese Related Fun

On or About April 8th, 2006

Soke's Book


この皮 抽著「暴双直伝英信流屠合道解説」


早遠 御遮りヤし上げますので何キ御査収下さい

私事 え来えオにえしく兵のえ脈も椎抽の為






併せて御覧戴き 本書と対叱して御研修裁ければ幸甚に存じます








So what is all this? It is what a 50,000 Yen Donation gets you in MJER. Beyond that, you need not know. The picture is the True and Proper, 22nd Soke, IKEDA Takeashi.


Don't I look horribly silly? I wore my Montsuki all day long. Here I am recording the Darrel Craig's Houston Budokan demonstration. No doubt he does have the history of the arts down.

Beginning of Opening Reishiki. The 5 people with dan gradings should be easy to spot here.

Can you see what is wrong with this picture. Besides it looks like my eyes are closed? It's right in front of you. You can see it so clearly! Right there! You can tell I don't wear this particular set of clothes that often. Can you see it? Sure you can, take a look! It made ALL of my iaido horrible!

Heads too far down, I think. Elsewise about right. This should have been the end of MAE.

Tsuigekitou. INFLATE-O-SLEEVE! It wasn't window at all, was it? I mean my pants actually look like pants for once in this picture.

I think its is about the best Kissaki Gaeshi I've done in awhile. Steven (the other person clearly visible here) has a ways to go on this waza, but he is still very new. He would have lost his sword in the trust in reality.

Joe... the top student in the class. Makes it look too easy.

Ali... the one I blame for many many things... but in a good way. She is the one that got me addicted to Anime (Samurai 7), and in some ways got me through the "dull" phase of iaido, before I began seeing the amazing things that are really there.

I know my arms were not out of position, so I have to assume the wind has messed up my sleeves to make it loko all weird. Speaking of which, there was one waza we did that we turned around... I've never been blinded by my sleeves in that waza before, but with the wind, I was.

No matter how many times I see this hand trade in Oroshi, it just looks funny... but it works just fine.

My head is too far down.

Tachi Uchi no Kurai! I really don't think the audience understood what these kata were about, but then again, if your not into iaido, you're probably not going to get anything in this non-flashy sword art.

Closing MAE.

And now for something completely different...

KOTO desu!

Kaminari Taiko desu! SEIYA! SOU NE! HAI! HO! GANBATTTE!

Original Photos, and more photos available here ... tabun hazukashii desu!

UPDATED PHOTOS.... do you have any? Here's some more from around:

Also picked up Memoirs on Saturday morning before going to bed.

Parent's bought me a Sake Setting for two.

and a wall hangie thingie.