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A Breif History of the World... (...or at least one C1500 Pickup Truck)



Mid-Late 1997

This Chevrolet C1500 pickup truck was born, or at least assembled, in Wisconsin in mid or late 1997 using mostly United States produced parts, material, and labor. It is a 1998 year model 5.7 liter V8. It has tan cloth interior with a power drivers seat and power mirrors. It is clad in Indigo Blue Metallic paint, with an extended cab and short (6 foot) bed.

December 1997

It was delivered to Mac Haik Chevrolet in Houston, Texas. Using a special promotional deal with Sam’s Wholesale, it was purchased off the lot with only 15 miles on the odometer.



During the month, its first oil change (3360 miles) along with the addition of running boards and a camper-shell complete the base feel of the vehicle.


Photo shoot, mileage 6757. These photo’s were taken with my Abbey’s Mavica digital camera, sitting outside of her house (across the street from a fire-department member’s house, I later found out). In these photos you should note the presence of running boards, camper-shell, fog lights, amateur radio plates, and most importantly, a Rice University sticker on my back glass.


This was taken after I had aquired a Cannon AE-1 camera. Here I was playing with my 600mm telephoto lens, showing the effects of being close with a wide angle (the small house background) and distant with narrow angle (the big house background). Other thing to note here is how nice the running boards still look.


Addition of a Cy-Fair VFD sticker to the front windshield (and later one to the back) of my truck upon joining the Cadet class of Cy-Fair VFD.


First major incident. My truck was rear-ended my truck on my way home from Cypress-Falls High School. Basically it was poor defensive driving on my part. I did not allow enough room between me and the car that was in front of me. I had to slam on my breaks to avoid a collision and was rear ended by a small car, which then fled the scene.



After a year of owning the truck, I had put 14541 miles on it. The most notable change by this point, although I do not remember the exact date, was the removal of the Rice University sticker and the application of the “BAYLOR” sticker.


A most notable month in my truck’s existence. I was asked to help out with the Tour de Cypress. This was the excuse I used to mount truck. See the menu above for more details on my fire light bar.


Another photo opportunity. Thanks to my parents purchasing a mavica digital camera, I was able to show the new additions of my truck. Most important notable things are the sticker changes on the back glass, as well as the light bar. Photos were taken at my parent’s residence.


The oil-change in this month shows 25125 miles elapsed for the truck’s 2nd birthday. Also gained at this point was a white Baylor parking sticker.


Throughout 2000 I took really horrible notes as to when my oil changes were.

Also there is poor records of when EXACTLY I put on my lightbar, but it should have been around March. Go Here to See More


Again I don’t have mileage markers, but this was another fun month. Mostly because immediately after finishing my first year of college AJ (a very good friend) and myself went on a week (plus) long camping trip of East Texas. Eventually I will post those photos on this site.


A new sticker, a yellow Baylor Parking sticker, along with a photo-shoot on top of the parking garage here on Campus. Mileage was 40518 on December 8th, 2000. Nothing overly notable here, except for the amazing amount of dirt that accumulates in an engine compartment after 3 years.



At this point I can’t recall why I made 7k in driving in about a two month’s period of time. At the service to fix my front breaks, I showed 47688 miles on the odometer.


Photo at the Parent’s house. Mileage shows 54704 on December 14th, 2001. On this 4th birthday of my truck, the big things to note are the lack of fog lights. Also changed is the loss of the yellow parking sticker for the blue-sheild Baylor parking sticker and the blue-man group sticker to go with it. Also visible here is my EMT patch stickers, visible in both the front lower windshield and rear glass. The loss of the fog lights was due to an encounter with a stray dog on Hwy 6. I was moving a boat for the Baylor Sailing Team down to college station; I was side by side with an 18 wheeler, when he slammed on his air breaks, I covered my breaks, then saw the dog dart out just a car-length before me. I slammed on my breaks, but it was too late, I hit him on the passenger’s front quarter of the bumper. It took off the light (never to be found), and the dog was killed on impact. Also note a much cleaner engine.



No major changes over all. This was just another chance to snap a photo of my truck just before 60,000 miles (which was reached on June 6th, 2002). This photo, like all of the RCYC photos, was taken with the original Mavica. One thing that can be seen in this photo is a toll-tag. This was taken near Plano, Texas. Also barely visible is a crack in the windshield that had finally reached to the far side of the glass.


This still does not make sense to me. At 66205 miles, I have to replace my transmission. I still don’t really understand how it failed. I rarely push my truck at all. I do when I am emergency responding, but in the over-all consideration of time on this truck, that is very minimal. Other than that, I rarely push the engine over 2k rpm, nor do I pull extremely heavy loads. All I can figure is that the Angelina motor boat added a good deal of strain that pushed something too far, but still that implies there was a previous defect. Oh well, there really is nothing I can do about it, other than know I’m covered until the year 2005 or once I reach 102205 miles. See the related webpage on my page for more details.



Removed the lightbar from my truck. I need to take some more photos of it, completely. See the remove lightbar wiring page here.



April 2nd, 3rd, or 4th... My truck is seriously violated. The tailgate was stolen at my Berkshire apartment prompting me to think about moving out.

ca April 20th... Attempted forced entry of the passenger door, leaving the body marred down and the handel gaurd bent up. This poses a temptation for further attempts, and I really need to get this fixed, but at the moment I will not have the money to do such. Hopefully later this year I can look at getting the passenger front quarter panel fixed, as well as the driver rear wheel well, and the handle fixed. I *still* want to get a Line-X spray in bed liner, and to have my running board mounts replaced. The replacement tailgate is on order, it is an after market gate. It was supposed to be here last week, so I will have to start calling people tomorrow. Here is the damage to the door:

And here is the replacement tailgate (4/29/04):


Motor Vehicle Accident .... Go here



I took pictures of washing it before the magical night of disapperance. Go here

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