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Until all of the pages are brought over, the original webpage is:

I'll insert some blerb about anime here.

Also that the date that I show starting to watch MAY or MAY NOT be the date the anime was actually released. Major series in the later 2005 / 2006 are probably as they were released.




DearSBegan: September-04 Ended: October-04*
Elfen LiedBegan: September-04 Ended: October-04*
Full Moon wo SagashiteBegan: September-04 Ended: September-04*
Girls BravoBegan: September-04 Ended: October-04*
Happy Lesson AdvanceBegan: September-04 Ended: September-04*
Happy Lesson FinalBegan: September-04 Ended: September-04*
InterludeBegan: September-04 Ended: September-04*
Kimi Ga Nozomu EienBegan: September-04 Ended: September-04
Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii SekaiBegan: September-04 Ended: July-06
Last ExileBegan: September-04 Ended: September-04
Pretty CureBegan: September-04 Ended: September-04
Samurai 7Began: September-04 Ended: March-05*
Survive Uninhabited PlanetBegan: September-04 Ended: September-04
Teizokurei Day DreamBegan: September-04 Ended: September-04
Twin SpicaBegan: September-04 Ended: September-04
Wind ~ Breath of HeartBegan: September-04 Ended: September-04
Windy TalesBegan: September-04 Ended: October-04


Angelic LayerBegan: October-04 Ended: October-04
BleachBegan: October-04 Ended: n/a
Ghost in the Shell, 2nd GIGBegan: October-04 Ended: October-04*
Ghost in the Shell, InnocenceBegan: October-04 Ended: October-04*
GrenadierBegan: October-04 Ended: October-04*


Akane ManiaxBegan: November-04 Ended: November-04
Rozen MaidenBegan: November-04 Ended: January-05*
Tsukuyomi Moon PhaseBegan: November-04 Ended: October-05*


2x2=ShinobudenBegan: December-04 Ended: December-04*
DisciplineBegan: December-04 Ended: December-06*
Onegai TeacherBegan: December-04 Ended: December-04*
Onegai TwinsBegan: December-04 Ended: December-04*
W-WishBegan: December-04 Ended: January-05*



AIR, The TV SeriesBegan: January-05 Ended: April-05*
ChobitsBegan: January-05 Ended: January-05*
Mai-HimeBegan: January-05 Ended: January-05*
Triangle HeartBegan: January-05 Ended: January-05


Starship OperatorsBegan: February-05 Ended: March-05*

MARCH 2005

AA Megumi-sama (TV)Began: March-05 Ended: July-05*
Beyond the CloudsBegan: March-05 Ended: March-05*

APRIL 2005

Happy LessonBegan: April-05 Ended: April-05*
Ichigo 100%, The TV-SeriesBegan: April-05 Ended: June-05*

MAY 2005

Full Metal AlchemistBegan: May-05 Ended: May-05*

JUNE 2005

LovelessBegan: May-05 Ended: July-05*
ROD, the TV SeriesBegan: June-05 Ended: June-05

JULY 2005

Iriya no Sora, UFO no NatsuBegan: July-05 Ended: August-05*
SuzukaBegan: July-05 Ended: January-06


Haibane RenmeiBegan: August-05 Ended: August-05*
Ichigo 100%, the OVABegan: August-05 Ended: June-06
Ichigo MashimaroBegan: August-05 Ended: February-06
Massugu ni IkouBegan: August-05 Ended: April-07
Paniponi Dash!Began: August-05 Ended: July-06*
ROD, the OVABegan: August-05 Ended: August-05
Seikai no senki IIIBegan: August-05 Ended: August-05*
UFO Princes ValkyrieBegan: August-05 Ended: August-05


AIR, The MovieBegan: September-05 Ended: September-05*
AIR, The TV-Summer SpecialBegan: September-05 Ended: September-05*
Samurai ChamplooBegan: September-05 Ended: September-05*


Canvas 2Began: October-05 Ended: March-06*
InuyashaBegan: October-05 Ended: October-05
KamichuBegan: October-05 Ended: December-06*
Mahoushoujo Lyrical NanohaBegan: October-05 Ended: October-05*
Mahoushoujo Lyrical Nanoha A'sBegan: October-05 Ended: January-06*
RahXephonBegan: October-05 Ended: October-05*


Club to Death Dokuro ChanBegan: November-05 Ended: November-05
FLCLBegan: November-05 Ended: November-05*
Paradise KissBegan: November-05 Ended: Januaray-06
Rozen Maiden TraumendBegan: November-05 Ended: March-06*


I"S PUREBegan: December-05 Ended: September-06*
karasBegan: December-05 Ended: April-07*
KarinBegan: December-05 Ended: May-06*
RamuneBegan: December-05 Ended: April-06*



ERGO PROXYBegan: February-06 Ended: January-07
Hanban no Tsuki ga Noboru SoraBegan: February-06 Ended: March-06*
Kashimashi ~girl meets girl~Began: February-06 Ended: April-06*
RECBegan: February-06 Ended: April-06*
Rescue WingsBegan: February-06 Ended: May-07

MARCH 2006

Elf Princess RaneBegan: March-06 Ended: March-06 (dropped)
Kanon (2002)Began: March-06 Ended: March-06
Kino no Tabi- Life Goes OnBegan: March-06 Ended: March-06*
Shinigami no BaladBegan: March-06 Ended: April-06

APRIL 2006

AA Megumisama : Sorezore no TsubasaBegan: April-06 Ended: October-06*
Najica Blitz TacticsBegan: April-06 Ended: April-06*
Soul LinkBegan: April-06 Ended: July-06*
The Melancholy of Suzumiya HaruhiBegan: April-06 Ended: July-06

MAY 2006

Ginban KaleidoscopeBegan: May-06 Ended: Gave Up May-07
Higurashi no Naku Koro niBegan: May-06 Ended: September-06*
NANABegan: May-06 Ended: Aug-07
Strawberry PanicBegan: May-06 Ended: Oct-07
The Third - Aoi Hitomi no ShoujoBegan: May-06 Ended: dropped
Uchuu no StellivaBegan: May-06 Ended: dropped

JUNE 2006

ARIA The AnimationBegan: June-06 Ended: June-06
ARIA The NaturalBegan: June-06 Ended: July-07
EUREKABegan: June-06 Ended: June-06*
High School GirlsBegan: June-06 Ended: June-06
Kamisama KazokuBegan: June-06 Ended: October-06
Kiki's Delivery ServiceBegan: June-06 Ended: June-06*
Neon Genesis EvangelionBegan: June-06 Ended: June-06
Usagichan de CueBegan: June-06 Ended: June-06

JULY 2006

Honey and Clover IIBegan: July-06 Ended: October-06 (dropped)
TonaguraBegan: July-06 Ended: April-07
See you in my DreamsBegan: July-06 Ended: July-06*
Voices of a Distant StarBegan: July-06 Ended: July-06*
NHK ni YoukosoBegan: July-06 Ended: Jan-07
Ray the AnimationBegan: July-06 Ended: Sept-07*
Yume TsukaiBegan: July-06 Ended: Aug-06
Ghost in the ShellBegan: July-06 Ended: Jul-06*


FLAGBegan: Aug-06 Ended: Mar-09!*
Kanon (2006)Began: Aug-06 Ended: Mar-07
Kyou Kara MaouBegan: Aug-06 Ended: dropped
Shingetsutan TsukihimeBegan: Aug-06 Ended: Nov-07*


Tactical RoarBegan: Sep-06 Ended: July-07


Boku wa Imouto Ni KoiBegan: Oct-06 Ended: Oct-06
Kannazuki no MikoBegan: Oct-06 Ended: Oct-06
Otome wa Boku Ni KoishiteruBegan: Oct-06 Ended: Jan-07
Ouran High School ClubBegan: Oct-06 Ended: Oct-06


School Kept me too busy.


Kujibiki UnbalanceBegan: Dec-06 Dropped: Dec-07



Rozen Maiden OvertureBegan: Jan-07 Ended: April-07*
Asatte no HoukouBegan: Jan-07 Dropped: Nov-07
UtawarerumonoBegan: Jan-07 Ended: Mar-07
Negima (2006)Began: Jan-07 Dropped: Nov-07


Baldr Force EXEBegan: Feb-07 Ended: May-07*

MARCH 2007

Mahoushoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerSBegan: March-07 Ended: Nov-07

APRIL 2007

Kurau, Phantom MemoryBegan: April-07 Dropped: Nov-07
Lucky StarBegan: April-07 Ended: Sep-07
Ichigo Mashimaro OVABegan: April-07 Ended: Nov-07
SolaBegan: April-07 Ended: July-07
Victorian Romance EmmaBegan: April-07 Ended: April-07
Victorian Romance Emma Act 2Began: April-07 Ended: July-07
Toward The TerraBegan: April-07 Ended: Nov-07
Romeo X JulietBegan: April-07 Ended: Dec-07
Kaibutsu OujoBegan: April-07 Ended: Oct-07
Nagasarete AirantouBegan: April-07 Ended: Oct-07

JUNE 2007

Paprika (Movie)Began: June-07 Ended: June-07
AA Megumi-sama (OVA)Began: June-07 Dropped: Nov-07
Adventures of Mini-GoddessBegan: June-07 Ended: July-7
ICE OvaBegan: June-07 Ended: Nov-07

JULY 2007

Sayonara Zetsubou SenseiBegan: July-07 Ended: Jan-08
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni KAIBegan: July-07 Ended: Dec-07
Zero No TsukaimaBegan: July-07 Ended: Nov-07
Zero No Tsukaima - Futatsuki no KishiBegan: July-07 Ended: Nov-07


5 Centimeters per SecondBegan: Aug-07 Ended: Aug-07
Sky GirlsBegan: Aug-07 Ended: Jan-08
Blood+Began: Aug-07 Ended: Apr-08

September 2007

ARIA the OVA ~Arietta~Began: Sep-07 Ended: Sep-07
AppleseedBegan: Sep-07 Ended: Sep-07

October 2007

Hayate no GotokuBegan: Oct-07 Ended: Mar-09
ClannadBegan: Oct-07 Ended: Sometime in 08
Seto no HanayomeBegan: Oct-07 Ended: Nov-07

November 2007

Myself; YourselfBegan: Nov-07 Ended: Dec-07
Sketchbook Full Color'sBegan: Nov-07 Ended: Feb-08
Minami-keBegan: Nov-07 Ended: Jan-08
ef - a tale of memoriesBegan: Nov-07 Ended: Dec-07
Shion no OuBegan: Nov-07 Ended: Mar-09

December 2007

KGNE OVABegan: Dec-07 Ended: Mar-09
AA Megumi-sama Tatakau TsubasaBegan: Dec-07 Ended: Jan-08




January 2008

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou SenseiBegan: Jan-08 Ended: N/A
H2O - Footprints in the SandBegan: Jan-08 Ended: Jun-08
Candy☆Boy Short OVABegan: Jan-08 Ended: Jan-08
ShigofumiBegan: Jan-08 Ended: Jun-08?
Minami-ke OkawariBegan: Jan-08 Ended: Jun-08
ARIA the OriginationBegan Jan-08 Ended: Jan-09

February 2008

Wolf and SpiceBegan: Feb-08 Ended: Mar-08

March 2008

Appleseed Ex MachinaBegan: Mar-08 Ended: Mar-08

April 2008

KanokonBegan: Apr-08 Ended: Jun-08

June 2008

KurenaiBegan: Jun-08 Ended: Jun-08

August 2008

Strike WitchesBegan: Aug-08 Ended: Nov-08
Hidamari Sketch x365Began: Aug-08 Ended:
Zero no Tsukaima ~Princess no Rondo~Began: Aug-08 Ended: Apr-09

October 2008

Clannad After StoryBegan: Oct-08 Ended: Mar-09
Shigofumi OVABegan: Oct-08 Ended: Oct-08?
Lucky Star OVABegan: Oct-08 Ended: Oct-08
Ef -tale of melodiesBegan: Oct-08 Ended: Jan-09
Toaru Majutsu no IndexBegan: Oct-08 Ended: Mar-09

November 2008

Akane-iro ni Somaru SakaBegan: Nov-08 Ended: Feb-09
Ga Rei ZeroBegan: Nov-08 Ended: Apr-09


January 2009

Touhou AnimeBegan: Jan-09 Ended:
Goku Zetsubou SenseiBegan: Jan-09 Ended: Jan-09
AkikanBegan: Jan-09 Ended: Mar-09
Maria+HolicBegan: Jan-09 Ended: Mar-09
White AlbumBegan: Jan-09 Ended: Mar-09
Sore o Kakeru ShoujoBegan: Jan-09 Ended:
Higurashi kaiBegan: Jan-09 Ended: Oct-09

February 2009

Toki o Kakeru ShoujoBegan: Feb-09 Ended: Feb-09
Toaru Majutsu no Index-tanBegan: Feb-09 Ended:
Maria-sama ga MiteruBegan: Feb-09 Ended: Feb-09
Maria-sama ga Miteru -Spring-Began: Feb-09 Ended: Feb-09
Maria-sama ga Miteru OVABegan: Feb-09 Ended: Feb-09
Maria-sama ga Miteru 4thBegan: Feb-09 Ended: Mar-09

March 2009

Asu no YoichiBegan: Mar-09 Ended: May-09
Hayate no Gotoku 2Began: Mar-09 Ended: oct-09
Vipers CreedBegan: Mar-09 Ended: May-09

APRIL 2009

Natsu No ArashiBegan: Apr-09 Ended: Oct-09
K-ONBegan: Apr-09 Ended: Jun-09
Asura Cryin'Began: Apr-09 Ended:
Eden of the EastBegan: Apr-09 Ended: June-09
Chi's New AddressBegan: Apr-09 Ended:
Wagaya no Oinari-samaBegan: Apr-09 Ended: May-09
Hatsukoi LimitedBegan: Apr-09 Ended: July-09
SakiBegan: Apr-09 Ended: Oct-09

JUNE 2009

suzumiya 2Began: Jun-09 Ended: Oct-09
CannanBegan: Jun-09 Ended: Nov-09


January 2010

Dance in the Vampire BunBegan: Jan-10 Ended: jun-10
Sora no WotoBegan: Jan-10 Ended: Jan-10

Anime Still Watching

Bleach - May Watch Again?October-041->86 ... 168->189236 (cont)9/12/2009
Hidamari Sketch x365Aug-08113 (16 really)9/12/2009
Touhou AnimeJan-0911 (cont)12/30/2008
Sore o Kakeru ShoujoJan-091926 (12 strikes)7/31/2009
Asura Cryin' - CooAPR-093 137/31/2009
FMA - 2009 APR-092 219/12/2009
Denpa Teki na Kanojo MAY-091 1?? (appears will be 3, but slow release)9/12/2009
Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei JUNE-094 9(cont)9/12/2009
Umineko no Naku Koro ni July-0911 (22)11(cont)9/12/2009
K-ON!! (S2) Apr-101919(cont)8/16/2010
KissxSis TV Apr-1012 done11(cont)9/12/2009
KissxSis Ova Apr-1033(cont)9/12/2009
Strike Witches 2 ???-101212(ccomplete)1/01/2011
Sailormoon RewatchNov-10142001/1/2011
Yosuga no SoraNov-101212 (complete)1/1/2011
Panty&Stocking with GarterbeltNov-101313 (complete)1/1/2011
Ore no ImoutoDec-101212 (complete)1/1/2011
MM!Jan-11512 (complete)1/1/2011
Denpa Onna to Seishun OtokoMay-1199 (cont)1/1/2011
A ChannelMay-1179 (cont)1/1/2011

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