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  • (i) Transfer Life Time Warranty for Peirs
  • (i) See about having re-evaulation of foundation by service

Grading and Drainage

  • (i) regarde near how, 4-6 inches by foundation
  • (i) 6 inches first 10 feet


  • (i) Re-check chimeny leak
  • (i) Re-check over office/4th bedroom
  • (i) Downspoit missing near masterbed room
  • (i) Gutter loose near masterbed room
  • (i) Gutter sloped wrong over 3&4th bedrooms and entrance


  • (i) Insulation 0 to 6 inches.
  • (i) Sag over garage, has bowed board and semi-corrected by landscaping beam
  • (i) No insulation over hall bathroom
  • (i) No soffet ventilation
  • (i) Insulation around living room


  • (i) Section of Siding on east side of house
  • (i) Weepholes in addition, if necessary
  • 6/28/2008 consider reframing garage/utility room wall to make full code fire-stop wall, and add insulation to make utility room temperature aspects more stable.


  • (i) stain on ceilign in garage and 4th bedroom/office
  • (pi) general slope?


  • (i) Glass sling doors missing screens
  • (i) East Garage entry door is interior door and is water-logged.
  • (i) Garage door aging
  • (i) Garage to Utility room is interior door, needs to 20-minute fire door


  • (i) Lock is damaged on rear window near kitchen
  • (i) Southeast corner of addition doesn't open
  • (i) window in living room doesnt lock
  • (i) West middle bedroom doesnt open
  • (i) Several windows missing screens
  • (pi) storm windows


Sevice Panel

  • (i) FPE Panel ~ 20 circuits, original to home, potential electrical issues, rated 150 Amps
  • (i) Breaker spaces uncovered
  • (i) improper labeling major circuits chased.. one more running off of fan circuit need to be chased to end (believed previously connected to exterior light... ground line is not attached to this run).

Branch Circuits

  • (i) GFCI Breakers for some circuits (code change)
  • (i) Exposed Romex over microwave
  • (i) Dishwasher connected by exention cord
  • (i) Garage-door opener by extention cord this is corrected.
  • (i) Entry recepticle, north east and northwest bedroom not grounded this is corrected.
  • (i) GFCI recpt next to bath wired wrong -- 6/28/2008 currently completely disconnected, it must find source of this outlet, it is wired with a red and white line, which are not wired correctly at source (netural is 120v, red is 120v, black is n/c, ground is 0).
  • (i) exposed wiring in attic -- 6/28/2008 have cover, just need to cover.
  • (term) no front electrical outlet! -- 6/28/2008 the branch circuit may nto support it.



  • (pi) Flue Vent


  • (pi) parimary to P-trap .. double-check
  • (i) secondary darin not gravity fed
  • 4-Ton Ruud (Aug 1995)


Water System

  • (i) shower stall in hall needs caulking
  • (i) master bath handle loose
  • (i) sink faucet in master bad loose
  • (pi) anti-siphon valves?


  • (i) hall bathroom drains slow
  • (i) toliet in master bathroom loosee
  • (pi) main clean out drain?

Water Heating

  • (i) drain for relief valve
  • (i) may need pan for water-heater
  • (i) 1 inch clearance around stack (roof and ceiling)
  • (pi) drip leg by manufacturers requirement?



  • (i) Anti-tip

Bathroom Exhaust

  • (i) no exhaust


  • Prune Jasmine and Plant cuttings along back corner of Trellis to fill it out and remove crowind at top of trellis

My Own Observations

  • All outside surfaces need to be washed/brushed/power-washed with some type of anti-growth agent
  • Light over driveway needs fixing / replacing ... motion detector type perferred
  • Same light needs permenant wiring... not extention cord
  • light in garage, does not work... single incandescent .. replace with flourescent the light is fixed, but one of two holders is broken... door and opener need replacement. replaced
  • paint on deck entry?
  • front yard landscaping
  • grass?!?!?!!?!?
  • Soffit vent: [1]
  • maybe a rescessed down-ward light at door? existing is fine. Added to motion detector.
  • attic insulation .. some of the wall isnulation has fallen down on main room
  • door lock replacement
  • door lock on garage side entry (maybe a light there as well light has been added)
  • wall paper in the main room must die
  • wall paper in master bedroom must die this is completed.