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Boy sees ghosts... boy sees amazingly gifted iaido techniques performed mid-air... boy meets girl... girl is really MUCH MUCH older.. and a shinigami... boy takes girl's power to save his family... boy took all of her power, so she can't go home... boy trains to do her job ... girl gets in trouble with the upper management.. boy goes to try to save girl.... boy kicks the ass of Vice Captain... and, well, things progress from there... it is a very funny anime... Rukia is reason enough to watch it... Ichigo is quite a goofball at times. Chad is also a good reason to watch it. This is a must for anyone whom likes shinigami stories! At the 1 year mark we're nearing the end of the second arc of this anime, where Ichigo is attempting to save Rukia. There is quite a lot of trouble occuring in the ranks of the Shinigami.

This series will not die... I watched the first 60 or so episodes (based on the manga) and it was good. the filler arc (60-90? 100?) I haven't watched... it is supposed to be getting back to the real meat now... feel free to fill in on this.