AIR, The Movie

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Kamio Misuzu is the air-headed, funny, cute, long-haired blonde that will steal your heart. Kunisaki Yukito is the wayward traveler that accidently got off the bus in this strange city where magic isnt that interesting. Kamio Haruko is the leaves for work early in the morning, gets home really late, drinks too much Sake! Kirishima Kano is cute blue haired girl with the yellow ribbon on her arm. She is a funny girl. Tohno Minagi is a soft spoke, smart girl whom insists on being called Tohno (not by her first name for reasons made clear later in the anime).

Basic story line starting the series is this: Guy gets off bus in a very hot town for no good reason. People don't seem to find his magical act very amusing. He passes out for lack of food. A girl finds him, and decides that He should be her friend, and they should go play on the beach. Then she finds out he is hungry, so takes him to her house. Then finds out he has no where to stay, so tells him to stay at her place... and.. well you must watch it from there. This series will be good, I hope it doesn't get licensed too fast, but with the amount of hype and how pretty this episode is, it probably will.

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