AA Megumisama : Sorezore no Tsubasa

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Related Series Family:

AA Megumi-sama (OVA) The original
AA Megumi-sama (Movie) Movie Story
Adventures of Mini-Goddess Side Story
AA Megumi-sama (TV) The TV adaptation
AA Megumisama : Sorezore no Tsubasa, the Sequel TV series.
AA Megumi-sama Tatakau Tsubasa, the Sequel Sequel Tv Series.

If AA Megumisama the original was not enough of beautiful Belldandy for you, here we go.. a completely new take into the life of Belldandy after the confession of Love. And guess what it is about... you guessed it... love! .. you know they never really dated in the first series, at least not really. So here we have, the budding of real love. None-the-less it is a great little series so far.

http://www.whuckaba.com/animelist/2aamegu2.jpg http://www.whuckaba.com/animelist/2aamegu3.jpg http://www.whuckaba.com/animelist/2aamegu4.jpg http://www.whuckaba.com/animelist/2aamegu5.jpg http://www.whuckaba.com/animelist/2aamegu6.jpg http://www.whuckaba.com/animelist/2aamegu7.jpg